Range “E” is the last generation of Gev silent and low footprint oil-lubricated and rotary vanes vacuum pumps model GP/E & GPM/E, manufactured under best standards with quality seals and components and with displacements ranging from 11 to 300 m3
Thanks to small footprint, they can be easily housed into products processing machines thus ensuring reliability and steady smooth running.


  • GP ultimate vacuum 5 MbarAbs;
  • GPM ultimate vacuum 0,1 MbarAbs
  • Displacements from 11 to 300 m3/h;
  • Displacements upon request 400-600-750-1000 m3/h;
  • Aircooled
  • Standard oil mist eliminator ;
  • Standard oil filter and check valve ;
  • Anti-condensate gasballast


  • Min.oil level-switch
  • Max. liquid level-switch
  • Paper, inox and oil sump suction filters
  • Vacuum adjusting valve
  • Outlet thermal switch

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