Laboratory analysis

Laboratories and research institutes utilize vacuum for several process applications including distillation, drying and degassing. GEV vacuum pumps, thanks to their small footprint, and silent running are perfect for being applied in laboratories.



GEV provides ATEX 3G,2G,1/2G, 3GD & 2GD oillubricated and rotary vanes vacuum pumps &  blowers fit for being applied in explosion proof areas and certified according  Atex PRODUCTS DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU


Packaging Industries

Vacuum pumps, suction cups and other pneumatic components are utilized in several packaging applications processes like: cardboard sheets handling, cutting, bending, & bottling. GEV takes great care in designing & producing these components for ensuring reliable and smooth running when housed into packaging machines.


Chemical & Pharmaceutical applications

Vacuum is also utilized in chemical & pharmaceutical applications for distillation, drying, deaeration, filtration & gas removal processes. Vacuum suits all those processes that cannot be performed in case of atmospheric presence. GEV provides the best solution for handling your process.


Vacuum medicai applications

GEV provides a wide range of vacuum products exclusively designed and manufactured to fit medicai and hospital applications. Special care and safety accurancy has been considered when disegning these equipments for ensuring reliability ad smooth running even in emergency situations.

Certifications and Trademarks


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