You need to repair vacuum pumps. How can we help you?

Maintenance schedules

GEV offers to all customers buying Gev vacuum pumps, compressors and blowers a  scheduled maintenance service.

Maintenance schedule grants best pumps’ performances shortening operating costs thus avoiding productions stop.

Maintenance can be scheduled every 3 – 6 – 12 months according to needs and in case of heavy duty by following the recommended schedule timetable stated in the service book.

In case of emergency GEV is also available to supply quickly, upon request,  a replacement vacuum pump for avoiding production stop.

You can always rely upon our team for  any special and urgent  intervention on customer site by contacting our phone no. + 39 02 48841120  o sending an email to

After sales

Buying  a GEV product means buying an high quality product with and 100% expert assistance.

Our qualified service is able to guarantee quick repair and maintenance, by utilizing original spare parts ,thus granting a smooth running of the repaired products and keep customer safe from production stop .

GEV products have been manufactured under highest quality standards granting utmost reliability.

Fields of applications

Thanks to the closer cooperation with its customers, Gev has now all know-how tools to design and manufacture a wide range of products.


Gev, is able to engineer and manufacture, besides the standard oillubricated / oilless rotary vanes vacuum pumps, customized vacuum process packages under specifications enabling customers to achieve the scope of supply granting a reliable products.

The steady cooperation with all our customers, sharing ideas and challenges, has given to Gev the opportunity to grow-up and offer to customers even better products based on quality and reliability.


Companies consultancy

Contact  us for any specific project or requirements.

Our team will do all possible for assisting you with :

  • Offers and technical support
  • P&ID AUTOCAD drawings
  • quality & products matching
  • quality & special documents
  • quality & certifications compliance

.GEV’s philosophy is to  tightly promote cooperation with all those companies  handling special processes requiring vacuum products. These efforts have been repaid by the appreciations of world-wide markets selling Gev products.

We are thankful to all those Companies purchasing and distributing Gev products.


GEV skilled technicians repair vacuum pumps following highest repair standard procedures

GEV has all tools and instruments for taking back repaired pump to the original performances.

Any GEV repaired pump has 6 months warranty from invoice date. Replaced spares will be kept available for inspection within a short period of time. GEV is environmental friendly by collecting & exhausting any waste parts according to law in force.

GEV skilled technicians are available for any urgent repair, ordinary maintenance on-site,  or pumps renting.

GEV, upon request,  can arrange, for customers and distributors, training sessions for  pumps ordinary maintenance  & repairing to be held at Gev company premises.

GEV assistance center is capable to repair  also other vacuum pumps brands, lobes blowers , rotary piston pumps ,oilless rotary vanes vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and oilless rotary screws vacuum pumps, utilizing the best spare parts brands exhisting on market.

You could relay upon our sales team for a written offer at any time.

Try us to get satisfied!


Certifications and Trademarks


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