Oxygen Range

The oillubricated and rotary vanes vacuum pumps named Oxygen range  GP/O and GPM/O.with diplacements ranging from 11 to 300 m3/h have been specifically designed for oxygen application and equipped with all safeties with specific oil for a smooth running with oxygen presence.


  • GP max vacuum 0.1 Mbar Abs;
  • GPM max vacuum 0.5MbarAbs;
  • displacements from 11 to 300 m3/h
  • displacements upon request 400-600-750-1000 m3/h
  • air cooled
  • oil mist eliminators at discharge
  • standard non return valve
  • gasballast valve


  • min oil level switch
  • max liquid level switch
  • paper, inox and oil sump suction filters vacuum adjustment valve
  • vacuum regulation valve
  • discharge thermal switch

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