Assistance for repairing

GEV skilled technicians repair vacuum pumps according to repairing standard procedures and thanks to their deep products know-how.
GEV has all necessary instruments and appliances for bringing back repaired pump to the original performances.

A written offer, before executing job, is usually sent over to customer therefore committing itself to respect the agreed repairing terms.
Any GEV repaired pump has 6 months warranty from invoice date.
Replaced spares are available for any customer inspection.
GEV is environmental friendly thus collecting and exhausting, according to law, waste materials.

GEV technicians are always ready in case of any urgent repairing ,technical info, maintenance interventions or pumps renting.
GEV schedules for its customers and resellers pumps ordinary maintenance and repairing training sessions to be held at company premises.
GEV assistance center repairs also all brands rotary vanes vacuum pumps, lobes roots , rotary piston pumps ,oilless rotary vanes vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and blowers.

Try us and you’ll get satisfied!