Models GP-GP/M

GEV manufactures reliable oil lubricated rotary vanes vacuum pumps models GP-GP/M.

Having low running costs. GP-GP/M vacuum pumps use special profile vanes.

Extremely efficient when running in heavy applications and in case of water or vapours presence enabling silent start up thus avoiding oil fluttering into pump chamber.


  • GP max vacuum 10 mbarAbs;
  • GPM max vacuum 0.5MbarAbs;
  • displacements from 11 to 300 m3/h;
  • displacements upon request 400-600-750-1000 m3/h;
  • air cooled;
  • oil mist eliminators at discharge;
  • oil filter, standard non return valve;
  • optionals: min oil level switch, max liquid level switch, gasballast valve; paper, inox and oil sump suction filters vacuum adjustment valve; discharge thermal switch.

GP-GP/M 11 – 21

GP-GP/M 45 – 65

GP-GP/M 100E

GP-GP/M 160

GP-GP/M 300E