Liquid ring vacuum packages

Liquid ring vacuum pumps reliable and cheap can be applied in different applications.
Usual running liquid is water but other liquids can be used like, mineral oil, glycol, solvents etc.

Available with Once-thru lubrication or partial/total recycled lubrication being careful to keep it at required temperature.
These packages can be manufactured according to customer specifications with special materials and according to the diversified manufacturing standards (API, ASME,GOST, etc.)
roots vacuum pumps and/or air, gas or vapour ejectors are capable to achieve lower suction pressures, increasing consequently sucked volumetric displacement.



  • limit vacuum 0.01 mbar;
  • displacement up to 20000 m3/h;
  • special materials construction and custom-made control instruments;
  • possibility of pre-post condensers installation;
  • ATEX 100a certification.

Where water feed and consumption is a problem, and where a deep vacuum level is necessary, an oil sealed vacuum package with liquid ring vacuum pump could be supplied.
Main applications are  pasta process and production, bricks and tiles process and production, plastic industries, wood and leather drying and degassing.



  • air/water separator at the package inlet;
  • water tank trap with an exchanger, level indicator, drain valve, automatic water draining;
  • electrical panel board;
  • extra oil remover kit at the package discharge.

Vacuum packages with vacuum liquid ring

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum packages

Liquid ring vacuum pumps with totalservice liquid recovery – ATEX version

Oil sealed vacuum package